FREE Workshop

Every few weeks, Memory Matters will be hosting FREE workshops that you are welcome to join.

PLEASE NOTE: This event has now ended

How to ‘sell’ CST to carers, people with dementia and stakeholders

Discover how to confidently describe the benefits of Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) to carers, people with dementia and stakeholders.

In this workshop Laura will cover:

  • Understanding the true value of CST so that you can talk about it like a pro.
  • Discomfort around money mixing with health – Yours, health professionals who may refer to you, those that would benefit from CST and their carers
  • A process to follow when talking to potential referrers
  • A process to follow in the conversations with those you know would benefit

Join Laura in a FREE one hour Workshop where her number one priority is to leave you confident and ready to have conversations that will win referrals and fill your groups.